Professional Education

Developing the Next Generation of Health Care Providers for our Communities

The Peconic Bay School of Radiologic Technology's commitment to providing instruction in the latest advances means our services to the community are always at the cutting edge.


Peconic Bay Medical Center and the PBMC Health Continuum of Care are committed to serving the healthcare needs of the communities of Suffolk County in the broadest possible sense. In addition to providing an expanding range of leading-edge services and facilities, our commitment includes providing for the future as well.

At a time when many of the nation's non-urban areas are already facing shortages in primary care and specialty providers, PBMC Health is working to assure the quality and continuity of care in our region through our Graduate Medical Education and School of Radiologic Technology programs.

In addition to training the next generation of physicians and medical technicians—many of whom intend to practice and provide services right here in our area—these PBMC Health programs are improving the quality of care in our communities right now.