b'P E CO N I C BAY M E D I CA L C E N T E R 2 0 1 9 A N N UA L R E PO RTA year of bigEvery year since our founding nearly 70 years ago, our goal has been to bring higher quality healthcare services to more people here on the East End. accomplishments Dedication to that goal has driven Peconic Bay Medical Center to become the largest hospital system in Eastern Suffolk County. Today we are the regions leading provider of life-saving emergency trauma, stroke and cardiac services and the regions #1 choice for orthopedics, bariatric and other surgical services and the regions leading provider of community-based primary care services as well. With completion of our new Corey Critical Care Pavilion, we are continuing to grow in quality as well as capacity. We are proud of the past years accomplishments as detailed in the pages to follow. We are prouder still of the trust and support we have earned from the community we serve.Weve grown to become the East Endslargesthealth care provider. Were growing to be thebest .Michael Dowling Andrew J. MitchellAmy E. LoebPresident and CEO,FACHE Ed.D, MBA, RN, NEA-BCNorthwell Health President and CEO,Deputy Executive Director,Peconic Bay MedicalPeconic Bay MedicalCenter CenterAgostino Cervone, MD Luigi Buono, DO Sherry Patterson Emilie Roy Corey, MSWChair, Medical Board,President, Medical Staff,Chair, Peconic BayChair, Peconic Bay Peconic Bay MedicalPeconic Bay MedicalMedical Center Board ofMedical Center CenterCenter Directors Foundation Board2'