Student Services and Fees

Student Services

  • Student Health Care
    • Program applicants are expected to complete a pre-entrance physical evaluation form. The information contained in this form becomes part of the student file and remains confidential. It is provided by the hospital without cost to the student.
    • The MMR vaccine is required by New York State Department of Health. No student will be permitted to start the program without the proof of proper immunization as required by law.
    • All students entering the program are encouraged to have the Hepatitis B vaccination and the seasonal influenza vaccination from their own physician.
  • Hospital Security
    • The hospital operates a Department of Safety and Security.
    • Security is provided on a 24 hour/7 days a week/365 days a year basis.
    • Security patrols and monitors the entire property, including the internal and external premises.
  • Housing and Child Care
    • Peconic Bay Medical Center does not provide housing or childcare services.
  • Alumni Transcript Requests
    • We encourage and support all our alumni to continue their educations.
    • Requests for faculty recommendations can be made by mail or email, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Requests for transcripts can be made by mail. A downloadable transcript request form is available here.

Program Costs and Fees

Item Cost Due
Application Fee $50.00 Upon Submission
Entrance Exam Fee $50.00 Date of Examination
Tuition 1st Year $7,500.00
*1,000.00 (Non-refundable deposit applied to 1st year tuition)
August 1st
*One month after interview to reserve seat for September
Tuition 2nd Year $7,500.00 September 1st
Textbooks** @$1,500.00 Purchase of Books
NYSSRT Membership** & ASRT Membership** $60.00 Junior Year
Liability Insurance** $80.00 Junior & Senior Year
School Uniforms $140.00 Start of Program
Approximate Total Cost $16,980.00  
**These fees are subject to change**
  • Students can expect to incur additional costs for:
    • Meals, lodging and transportation
    • New York State License Application
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Examination Fees
    • CPR course
    • Miscellaneous School Fees (holiday parties, field trips events)
  • The Peconic Bay Program of Radiologic Technology reserves the right to suspend any student from class and clinic and withhold all student records, transcripts including license and diploma until all financial obligations to the school have been satisfied.
    • All time must be made up due to a suspension.


Tuition refunds are refundable on a prorated basis.

  • Should the student withdraw from the program:

1)      During – up to 10 school days of attendance, student receives 75% refund (excluding initial tuition deposit)
2)      During – up to 20 school days of attendance, student receives 40% refund (excluding initial tuition deposit)
3)      During – up to 30 school days of attendance, student receives 20% refund (excluding initial tuition deposit)

  •  If the student chooses to withdraw from the program, the student must submit a letter stating their intention to withdraw and then a tuition refund will only be issued as per this refund tuition policy.

Financial Aid Receipts

  • Peconic Bay Medical Center DOES NOT participate in any Title IV Financial Aid Programs or the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

Modification of Fees, Policies, and Curriculum

Apart from anything contained in this catalog, the program administration expressly reserves the right, where it deems advisable to change, modify, or withdraw its schedule of tuition and fees; policies, programs of study or requirement in connection with any of the foregoing.