3D Mammography: An Effective Way for Early Breast Cancer Detection

Posted on December 3, 2018

Mammogram Test

If your doctor has recently told you that you should schedule a mammogram, you might feel a little concerned. While there are a lot of things to be worried about, this test is an essential step in finding breast cancer early. In recent years, mammography has changed quite a bit. Peconic Bay Medical Center is a diagnostic imaging center in Suffolk County, NY, that now offers 3D mammograms.

While many people might not know about 3D mammograms, there are a lot of reasons that they are better than their 2D counterparts.

Clearer Results

With the 3D imaging, your mammogram will have clearer results. This gives your doctors the ability to examine more tissue mass than with the 2D images. Additionally, the clearer images will show your doctors the most problematic areas, so they can give you more accurate diagnoses with each procedure. This is a great way for your doctors to know what they’re looking at without having to put you through invasive procedures and multiple tests.

Doctor with Patient

Fewer Repeat Procedures

Not only do 3D mammograms give your doctors the ability to see your tissue better, they also help save you the time and pain of having to endure multiple procedures. This is important for both you and your doctors. Many times, when people choose to have 2D mammograms, there are errors and blurry spots on the images. This often leads to inaccurate results, which often lead to more tests. While mammograms aren’t necessarily invasive, they can be painful, and having to repeat the procedure several times to ensure proper results can become taxing on the patient. With 3D mammograms, your doctors will get more accurate results with the first test, ensuring that you know exactly what steps are next without having to repeat the process over and over again.

Earlier Detection

With clearer images the first time, 3D mammograms can help save patients. When the patient doesn’t have to repeat the procedure for confirmation, doctors save time giving proper diagnoses. This earlier detection can increase your odds of breast cancer survival significantly. This is because, as breast cancer reaches different stages, the chances of successfully beating it can fall drastically. That is why early detection is so important.

There are a lot of reasons that 3D mammograms far surpass 2D mammograms. When your doctors have clearer images, they can determine the results of your mammogram more accurately. This can help you, as the patient, avoid invasive procedures and keep you from enduring multiple tests. Additionally, these clearer images can help you detect cancer cells faster. If you or someone you know is in need of a mammogram, consult Peconic Bay Medical Center about the various options, and see if you can schedule a 3D mammogram to ensure that you get better results, faster.