4 Allergy Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Posted on August 2, 2018


It seems like everyone's an expert on allergies. Since nearly everybody has to deal with some kind of allergy or hay fever their whole lives, we grow up with tried and true remedies, or with assumptions that we've just never really questioned. However, if you're going to deal with any health condition, it's for the best that you're well informed, and not relying on common wisdom that turns out to be incorrect. Here are some common allergy myths that experts at Peconic Bay Medical Center, a medical center in Suffolk County, NY, would like you to reconsider.

1. Allergy Pills Provide Instant Relief

It would be nice if things were that simple, but, unfortunately, allergy pills can't immediately alleviate allergy symptoms. Most of what you're taking over the counter are antihistamines. Best case scenario, they can only take effect after a few hours. Some of the best medications on the market, however, are best taken several days before you anticipate encountering an environment that might activate your allergies. After a few days, your histamine levels will be reduced, and you'll be less likely to suffer a severe allergic reaction.

2. Children Outgrow Their Allergies

There are a few food allergies— milk, wheat, soy, eggs, and a few others—that kids tend to grow out of. Generally, however, a child will not outgrow an allergy. Nut allergies, for instance, are here to stay, unless the child receives allergy shots. Allergic rhinitis symptoms such as runny nose, itchy and swelling eyes, and postnasal drip, occur even in adulthood.


3. Hypoallergenic Pets Can Help Animal Allergy Sufferers

A lot of aspiring pet owners who have animal allergies think they can steer clear of the sniffles by adopting a hypoallergenic dog or cat. The fact is, such an animal doesn't exist. The pets that people consider "hypoallergenic" are usually dogs or cats with little or no hair. However, it's not the hair that you're allergic to. People who have pet allergies are allergic to elements that exist in the animal's saliva, urine, and natural oils, as opposed to the hair or dander. It's true that larger pets can cause more problems than small ones, and cats are particularly tricky because dried cat saliva is thin and flaky, so it can stay suspended in the air for easy inhalation.

4. You're Allergic to Gluten

In the current no gluten and low carb-crazed environment, a lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that they're allergic to gluten. While there are wheat allergies, no one is allergic to gluten. You may feel sluggish or heavy as the result of a bad diet or any number of factors, but since food allergies cause immediate reactions such as swollen throats, hives, redness, coughing, and even vomiting, the fact you might get sleepy after eating a bagel doesn't mean you have a food allergy.

While these myths are definitely false, you still may be suffering from allergies. If you need treatment or if you have any questions, you can see a specialist at Peconic Bay Medical Center. Visit https://www.pbmchealth.org today to learn how they can help you manage your symptoms.