5 Small Lifestyle Changes That Lead to a Healthy Heart

Posted on May 7, 2018


 Sometimes, just one recommendation to become more healthy can seem daunting, especially when it involves your heart. Many people believe they could be forced to give up all their favorite foods, stop drinking, or start an intense exercise regime. The truth is you don’t have to completely change your entire lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of being healthier. You can make small changes with your daily activities that are not only enjoyable, but great for your heart. If you’re still not sold, check out these 5 tips!

Move More

You don’t need a gym membership to give you healthy jump start. Choosing to move around a bit more can do wonders. Each day offers us plenty of opportunities to move our body more than we normally do. You can choose to take the stairs, walk to lunch instead of drive, get on the floor and play with the kids, or even walk over to the neighbor’s house to chat instead of calling. There are plenty of small things you can do each day that add up to great cardio activity. 

Get Enough Sleep

Bet you didn’t think getting more sleep was on this list! It’s true! Making sure that you have enough sleep is very important for your heart. In medical studies, adults who got a full night’s sleep (7-8 hours) were less likely to have clogged arteries. This is only one benefit of a good sleep. You’re also more focused, alert, and less stressed. 


Get Hooked on Good Fats

It’s always important to watch what we eat. There’s no need to give up all of your favorite foods forever. But there are plenty of ways to supplement something good for something bad, without sacrificing taste. Having a delicious smoked salmon instead of red meat or snacking on almonds instead of potato chips can make a huge difference in your health. There’s tons of amazing foods that are great for your heart! Avocados, berries, whole grains, oats, fish, or nuts are just a handful of terrific substitutions you can bring into your daily diet. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

You’ve heard this your entire life, and now it’s time to take this mantra seriously. Breakfast is indeed very important. Starting the day with a meal that’s packed with nutrients sets a foundation for healthy daily habits. There’s a lot of different breakfast foods that are classified as superfoods. Instead of skipping your morning meal, grab some fruit, avocado toast, whole grain cereal, yogurts, or egg whites. 

Avoid Stress

Being aware of your stress levels throughout the day is detrimental to heart health. Stress can do horrible things to your body, and it’s important to take the right steps to curb it. Do more of what you enjoy, try yoga or meditation, read more, find time to breathe and relax everyday. Ask any cardiology specialists in Long Island, NY, and they will tell you that cutting back on stress is one of the most essential changes in your lifestyle you can make today.