The Four Common Shoulder Pain Myths

Posted on October 4, 2018

For those who deal with acute or chronic shoulder pain, you have probably heard lots of myths floating around that people claim as fact. These myths can deter you from seeking effective treatment and may even make you feel pessimistic about your future prospects. Read on to learn about the truth behind these common myths and ways to address your shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Arthritis Gets Worse When It Rains

It’s very common to hear from people with shoulder pain, arthritis, or other injuries that things worsen or stiffen up when it rains. The truth is, there is no proven correlation between rain or humidity and joint pain or swelling.

You Should Rest Your Shoulder When Your Arthritis Acts Up

People often think that if they are experiencing pain, they should limit the exertion of the joint and take it easy until the pain subsides. While this is often true for new or acute injuries, exercise and motion can actually help in cases of arthritis. While you should take a smart approach and listen to any specific advice given by your doctors, regular exercise is recommended for people who suffer from arthritis. Strengthening the joint, improving range of motion, and general health should be the goals that direct your exercise program.

Shoulder Pain specilaist

Heat Is Better for Shoulder Pain than Ice

Many people think that heat will loosen up a painful shoulder joint while ice “freezes” things up and makes them stiffer or more painful. In reality, both ice and heat can be excellent modalities to help bring relief from pain and inflammation. Many people benefit from icing their painful shoulders at night to help ease the inflammation of the day and using heat in the morning to help relax stiff muscles. Finding a pattern and schedule that work for your shoulder pain is usually a matter of experimentation and noting which makes your shoulder feel better and more functional.

Shoulder Injuries Are Forever

The most unfortunate of myths surrounding shoulder pain is that once your shoulder is injured, you just have to deal with the pain for the rest of your life. While not every type of shoulder pain has a quick fix, it is simply not true that there is nothing that medical professionals can do to help your situation. An assessment by an orthopedic specialist in Long Island, New York can help pinpoint the cause of your pain, which is the first step in creating a treatment plan that brings both reliefs from pain and a way to address the root cause. For questions about your shoulder pain or to get a treatment plan started, schedule an appointment with the experts at Peconic Bay Medical Center today. Their orthopedic spine specialists in Long Island, New York can help you relieve your shoulder pain.