A Guide to Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Posted on August 4, 2018


Your shoulder is one of the most flexible and dynamic joints in the entire body. The motion your shoulder joint is capable of is incredible. It’s made up of three bones: the humerus, the scapula, and the clavicle. If you overuse your shoulder joint, experience wear and tear from aging, or injure one of those bones, then you may be experiencing symptoms like inflammation, swelling, pain, and stiffness in the shoulder. If so, you may benefit greatly from the quick, easy, and minimally invasive procedure of arthroscopic surgery. Your local orthopedic doctors in Suffolk County, NYat Peconic Bay Medical Center can explain the most important things you need to know about this procedure. 

What It Is

Arthroscopic surgery is the method of using a tiny camera to investigate, diagnose, and repair problems within the shoulder joint. It is less invasive than traditional surgery. All it takes is a tiny camera that your orthopedic surgeon in Suffolk County, NY, inserts into the shoulder joint. The camera is so small it only requires a tiny incision, whereas other surgeries without these amazing cameras require bigger incisions so that the doctor can see what's going on. This technologically advanced procedure is great because it's less painful for the patient and requires far less recovery time than a more extensive surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

If you’re experiencing pain in your shoulder that isn't responding to nonsurgical treatment options like rest, physical therapy, medication, or even inflammation-reducing injections, then it's time to consider arthroscopic surgery. It may be that you need to repair or even remove damaged or inflamed tissue that is causing you pain. 


The procedure will generally only take about an hour or less. You won't need to be unconscious; you will be injected with regional nerve blocks that will numb your shoulder and arm, and you likely will be lightly sedated with a general anesthetic so that you don’t get too uncomfortable sitting in one position for a while. You can plan to go home the day of your surgery, as you will only need an hour or two in the recovery room before you should have a friend or family member drive you home. You may need some pain medication, but for the most part, you’re good to go!


Since the procedure is so much less invasive than traditional surgery, you won't need as much recovery time. You may experience pain and discomfort for a few weeks; it's recommended that you use ice to relieve any swelling. You’ll need to wear a sling for a while as you make your way to a happier, healthier shoulder. In no time, you'll heal and once again experience the amazing flexibility of a pain-free shoulder joint.

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