Preparing Yourself for a Hospital Stay

Posted on September 5, 2018

Woman in Hospital Bed

If you're preparing for a hospital stay, you may be nervous or even frightened, even if you've been hospitalized in the past. The important to thing to remember is that you'll be in good hands, overseen by professionals who are dedicated to making you feel well again and comfortable during your stay. The largest medical centers in Suffolk County, NY, still take the time to attend to every single patient with care and precision.

There are some steps that you can take to make a hospital stay much easier. These are professional tips for preparing yourself for an overnight or multiple-day hospital stay. 

Medication Safety

  • Your medications are extremely important to your health. Make sure to bring all medications, including supplements and vitamins, with you to the hospital so they can be reviewed and administered.
  • Make sure to communicate all allergies or past reactions you've had to any medications.
  • A medical center's nurses will explain any new medications you may need to take while you're hospitalized. Make sure to discuss all medications with your care team to prevent drug interactions, and make sure everyone checks your hospital wristband before administering drugs.
  • If you or a child are prescribed sleep medications, ask that they be administered during the hospital stay, so the medical center's staff can observe your reaction and prevent side-effects.

Safe Travel

  • Make sure a family member or friend takes you to the hospital and is available to drive you home, if necessary. You may be on painkillers or anesthesia that affects your ability to drive.
  • Children who are being hospitalized should have a parent with them as often as possible. 

Hospital Bed

Communication Safety

  • Children often can't communicate pain or other sensations very easily, nor will they understand what's being done to them. Be sure to advocate for your children, and explain things between caregivers and the child so everyone understands each other.
  • Share any and all concerns you may have. It never hurts to ask. Explain if you are in pain or uncomfortable, or explain on behalf of a child. Medical centers care about how you feel and will help you find relief.

Safety from Pathogens

  • If you're visiting your child, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure your other children aren't running through the halls or touching medical equipment. They can touch things that may make themselves or others sick.
  • Make sure that people visiting you also practice good hygiene.

Fall Safety

  • Falls are unfortunately common in primecare centers. Patients of all ages and degrees of health could fall in a hospital. Lower the bed's elevation and side rails before you try to get out of your hospital bed.
  • Wear non-slip socks and footwear, if possible.
  • Ask to be walked by a nurse if you don't feel comfortable walking alone. Push the call button if necessary.
  • If you're caring for a family member, don't try to lift them off of the bed by yourself. You can hurt yourself and them.

Finally, feel free to ask questions and stay informed. Peconic Bay Medical Center cares about your comfort and safety during your hospital stay, even as one of the largest medical centers in Suffolk County, NY. Visit their website to learn more about how to prepare for your hospital stay.