Time Is Muscle: The Importance of Heart Health

Posted on April 4, 2018

Heart health 1

You heart is vital to your life. As the key part of your internal plumbing system, your heart ensures that every part of your body is supplied with fresh, oxygen-rich blood. Keeping this hard-working organ in good running condition is obviously important. What are the advantages of having a healthy heart?

Blood Flow

It’s not easy having to work all day and all night, pumping along continuously without a break—but that’s what your heart does! Your heart pushes blood through the arteries to supply blood throughout your body. The arteries help matters along by opening and contracting to deliver the blood you need where it’s needed. This is especially important for your extremities, where it’s most difficult for the blood to reach. Healthy eating and regular exercise help keep plaque from forming within your arteries, which makes it more difficult for blood to flow successfully.


You’ve got the power! Your body converts food into energy that helps keep you going day after day. When your cardiovascular system is healthy, more enzymes are produced that are needed to convert food into energy. A healthy heart also increases the formation of cell structures that convert food to energy, which are called mitochondria. Good heart health gives you more energy, endurance, and speed for everyday life as well as exercising and other physical activities.

Disease Prevention

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but good exercise will help ensure it! Maintaining a healthy heart through exercise increases your body’s production of good cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps remove threats to your cardiovascular system, such as plaque buildup and bad cholesterol. High blood pressure, heart disease, and higher levels of bad cholesterol can result from neglected heart health. Regular aerobic exercise is the best way to maintain the peak functioning of your cardiovascular system as well as seeking cardiology treatment in Suffolk County, NY.

Heart health 2


When it comes to blood flow, more is better. Your heart pushes out a certain amount of blood each time it beats. This heart rate stroke volume can be increased through regular aerobic exercise. By making your heart stronger and increasing the stroke volume, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to supply your body with the blood it needs.

Body Temperature

Do you often feel too hot or too cold? It’s all about the blood! When your cardiovascular system is healthy, your body can better regulate temperature. When it’s hot, your blood vessels dilate near your skin to provide cooling; when it’s cold, your system forces your blood deep inside your body to keep your organs warm. When your system is healthy, this process works much more efficiently, keeping you feeling more comfortable.

Heart health is good health! For more information about how to keep your heart healthy and running at top form, consult with your local cardiology clinic Suffolk County, NY, today.