Why Preventive Care Is Vital to Your Overall Wellness

Posted on April 7, 2018

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Your overall health and wellbeing is not something to be taken lightly, especially as you age. This is because some disease symptoms can have a heavier toll on your body. It’s always best to prevent symptoms from occurring than to treat them, and this is where preventive care programs come in. Preventive care is a crucial step in effectively managing your health, so you need to work with your local primary care doctor to determine your long-term goals. By doing this, you’re significantly reducing your chances of contracting a serious illness and perhaps eliminating some risk factors that can exacerbate symptoms. Continue reading to find out the major benefits of working with a physician and establishing a preventive care plan.


It’s in the name, so it’s by far the most important element in preventive care. Even if you don’t feel anything is out of the ordinary with your body, performing preventive care screenings such as cholesterol tests, colon cancer screenings, breast exams, and diabetes screenings can help prevent symptoms and determine a treatment plan. Family history, apart from age and gender, plays a huge part in how serious these screenings are taken, since it puts the patient at higher risk. A patient with a family history of heart disease needs the help of their primary care physician to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These preventive care screenings allow the doctor to see where you’re currently at in terms of heart health.

Preventing symptoms from getting worse further down the line can help save money when it comes to the costs associated with treating chronic illnesses. When your symptoms are past the point of no return, your pocket can take a heavy blow. Prevention can also mean your finances will stay healthy as well.

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If you have a family history of deadly medical conditions and present many of the risk factors associated with them, a preventive care program can lower the odds of symptoms getting worse, causing illness or premature death. They can also allow you to have more control over how you treat your body regularly, as your doctor might recommend a few lifestyle changes to make your daily routine healthier and more physically active. It’s incredible how much a proper nutrition plan and a regular exercise routine can eliminate the risk of serious medical conditions. It’s like they say, “look good, feel good.”

Invest in Your Future

Overall, the major takeaway from preventive care programs is that they can improve your quality of life. Long-term care programs keep your health well into your future in mind. You don’t want to become another statistic, nor would you like to pass away long before your time. Even if these tests seem minimal and time-consuming, they play a huge part in your future health.

Talk with your primary care physician today about preventive care screenings and take control of your health. You will be able to open a wider range of strategies to help defend yourself against harmful disease. Make an appointment at your family medical center in Long Island, NY, and start taking care of yourself today!