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Cardiology and Coronary Care

Life-saving cardiac services, right here where you need them most.

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  Interventional Cardiology

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  Cardiac CT

–  Cardiac Rehab

–  Peripheral Vascular Disease Lab

At the Kanas Regional Heart Center, our hearts are in everything we do

With the support of the largest healthcare system in New York, we offer a comprehensive range of services to diagnose, treat, and manage life-threatening as well as common heart conditions.

Our teams of highly skilled cardiologists, technicians, therapists and specialized healthcare professionals are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative procedures to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Whether it's diagnosing coronary artery disease, performing angioplasty and stenting, or guiding someone through a custom-tailored cardiac rehab program, we strive to deliver personalized and compassionate care to every patient we serve. Your heart health is our top priority.

Interventional cardiology and cardiac catheterization

Peconic Bay Medical Center's Kanas Regional Heart Center opened its first cardiac catheterization suite in 2017, and since then has provided life-saving interventional cardiac care for more heart-attack patients than any other facility in eastern Suffolk County.

Now with two fully operational catheterization suites, our experienced interventional cardiologists use this advanced technology to diagnose as well as treat heart conditions, performing minimally invasive interventions including stent placement, balloon angioplasty and valve repair.

Electrophysiology services and treatments

Electrophysiology is a cardiac specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders, which are often related to the electrical system of the heart. Heart rhythm disorders can present as irregular heartbeats or heart failure, with dangerous buildups of fluids in the lower extremities or lungs.

Our board-certified electrophysiologists are highly skilled specialists trained to diagnose and treat all types of heart rhythm disorders. They will provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment strategies for all forms of dysrhythmia and heart rhythm abnormalities.

Treatments can include recommendations for lifestyle changes, medication, non-invasive implantation of devices such as pacemakers, cardiac catheterization procedures, and cardiac surgery.

New cardiac CT scanning capabilities

Our new Siemens SOMATOM multiple-slice scanner provides precise 3-D images for fast, non-invasive identification of blockages and other cardiac conditions.

It’s another example of how our Kanas Regional Heart Center provides the extraordinary care our extraordinary community deserves.

Available onsite for both inpatient and outpatient testing, the multiple-slice scanner provides ultra-high-resolution 3D images of:

  • Coronary arteries
  • Heart chambers, muscle and valves
  • Pulmonary veins
  • Thoracic and abdominal aorta
  • Pericardium
  • Calcium or plaque build-up

Referrals and Appointments:
Hampton Bays: (631) 728-0966
Riverhead: (631) 727-7773
Southampton: (631) 283-2070


The region’s most advanced cardiac rehabilitation program

The East End’s first program to offer real-time telemetry-monitored in-patient and out-patient therapy

  • Equipped with the most advanced exercise and telemetry technologies
  • Staffed by the East End’s largest staff of Advanced Cardiac Life Support-certified physical therapists and nurses
  • Outstanding facilities:
    – Ultramodern Cary Grossman Rehabilitation Center
    – Peconic Bay Out-Patient Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

Peripheral Vascular Disease Lab

Vascular conditions disproportionately affect the elderly and diabetic, both of whom comprise significant portions of East End communities. Early detection and treatment—as provided by Peconic Bay Medical Center’s Peripheral Vascular Disease Lab—are crucial.

Made possible by a generous donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, our non-invasive vascular lab provides advanced-technology diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions, many of which can be life-threatening. 

Who should get an evaluation for peripheral vascular disease?

  • If you have cold feet or extremities or pain in your legs or calves.
  • If you have had a stent placed.
  • If you are a smoker or former smoker.
  • If you have any type of lesion or sore that isn’t healing properly.

If you have any of these symptoms…

  • Reach out to your cardiologist, or see a cardiologist.
  • If appropriate, your cardiologist will refer you to a vascular surgeon.

What does a vascular evaluation entail?

  • A comprehensive vascular exam.
  • You will be evaluated by a vascular expert.
  • You will receive an ultrasound exam to evaluate risk factors.
  • You will also receive a preventative consult from a cardiologist to help minimize symptoms if a procedure isn’t the plan of care.

If a vascular procedure is necessary, what does it entail?

  • It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that is similar to a coronary intervention. 
  • A catheter is inserted through the leg and with x-ray and dye. 
  • Based on what they find, the team will either fix the issue with a stent, or decide to proceed with surgery at a later date.
If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a heart
attack or stroke, call 911 immediately.

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