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Peconic Bay Medical Center features an expanded and refurbished Endoscopy Unit, which consists of two suites for procedures and an area for preparation and recovery. While providing a higher standard of comfort and privacy for patients, the unit also enables gastroenterologists and other specialists greater convenience and acuity in viewing the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract to perform screening, diagnosis or treatment of a range of diseases.

Upper Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy studies are used to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the esophagus and stomach, such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), hiatal hernias or stomach ulcers. Through the use of an endoscope — a long, thin, flexible tube with a tiny video camera and light on the end — the gastroenterologist can safely guide the instrument to carefully examine the inside lining of the upper digestive system.


During this procedure a miniature camera inserted into the colon allows the gastroenterologist to view the entire colon to screen for cancer. The doctor can, if necessary, remove polyps during the procedure, which can prevent or even cure colon cancer.

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Endoscopies and colonoscopies are typically performed by Gastroenterologists, Colorectal Surgeons, and other physician specialists.

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