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Hand-to-Shoulder Division

Less pain. More playtime.

Comprehensive care for your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders

L-R: Victor Olujimi, MD; Kristen Sochol, MD

Peconic Bay Medical Center’s team of Hand-to-Shoulder specialists provide advanced treatments for children and adults suffering from bone and soft-tissue conditions of the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders including those resulting from work and sports related injuries, trauma, illness or congenital conditions.

Diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist injuries

We appreciate how hard your hands work for you, and how hard it is to work—or play—when they are injured or impaired. Our hand and wrist specialists offer a full range of advanced treatment options—including non-surgical treatments as well as minimally invasive, arthroscopic, microsurgical, reconstructive, and joint replacement surgeries—to help you achieve maximum dexterity and strength in recovering from a wide range of conditions, including:

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Hand and Wrist Conditions

Diagnosis and treatment of elbow injuries

Your elbow is one of the most complex joints in the human body, and it is prone to a wide range of work- and play-related injuries and conditions. Our elbow specialists provide a full range of advanced treatment options for painful elbow conditions, including:

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Elbow Conditions

Diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries

To help keep you reaching for the things you love most, our shoulder specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating all types of shoulder injuries and related conditions, including non-surgical, minimally invasive and prosthetic joint replacement surgical treatments for:

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Shoulder Conditions

Physical and Occupational Therapy, Including Certified Hand Therapy

Peconic Bay Medical Center offers Eastern Suffolk County’s most comprehensive range of physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation programs, including in-patient, out-patient, and home-care services.

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On the Peconic Bay Medical Center Riverhead Main Campus

The Cary Grossman Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Community-Based Facility

Peconic Bay Outpatient Physical Therapy Center, 64 Commerce Drive, Riverhead

Home Care Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Peconic Bay Home Health Services

Peconic Bay Medical Center Department of Orthopedics

Hand-to-Shoulder Division

Victor Adeola Olujimi, MD
Specialist in Elbow and Shoulder Surgery and Sports Medicine

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Kristen Sochol, MD
Specialist in Hand, Upper Extremity, Microvascular and Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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Nicholas Byrne, PT, DPT, CFMT
Physical Therapy

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Peter K. Johnstone, Jr., PT, DPT, MS
Physical Therapy

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David Tsoumpelis, OT, CLT
Occupational Therapy, Certified Lymphedema Therapist

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Michelle Jack , PA
Specialist in Hand, Upper Extremity, Microvascular and Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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Hand off that pain to an expert. A Facebook Live discussion with Orthopedic Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist Kristen Sochol, MD