Peconic Bay Medical Center Corporate Compliance Program

The Corporate Compliance Program and Code of Conduct provide direction for our staff to conduct business with integrity and in accordance with all Federal, State and Local Laws and regulatory organizations.

Code of Ethical Conduct

The Code of Ethical Conduct is the foundation of our Compliance Program. It outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Compliance Program and of those who are associated with Northwell Health.

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Detecting and preventing fraud, waste, abuse and misconduct

It is the policy of Northwell Health to provide healthcare in a manner that complies with all applicable federal and state laws.  Such compliance is critical to the Northwell's commitment to operating pursuant to the highest business, professional and ethical standards. To further this policy, and in compliance with Section 6032 of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act, Northwell Health maintains a vigorous Compliance Program and has implemented a system-wide policy regarding the detection and prevention of fraud, waste, abuse and misconduct.

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Corporate Compliance Program Contact

Our Corporate Compliance Program outlines the means by which the Code of Conduct is implemented and monitored.

The Medical Center's Corporate Compliance Program provides for a reporting system whereby unethical or conduct that is counter to the laws, rules, regulations and standards that govern our day-to-day activities is identified and addressed.  Every individual including patients, visitors, our physicians and employees has the absolute right to report any suspected violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct. We encourage you to call the Office of Corporate Compliance at (516) 465-8097 or visit us at 200 Community Drive, Great Neck, NY to discuss any potential compliance concerns. An alternative is the Compliance Helpline available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (800) 894-3226 or by visiting You can make a report either anonymously or by using your name. All reports received by either the Office of Corporate Compliance or the HelpLine are appropriately investigated.