Case Studies: Before and After

Jamahl G.

Bariatrics-JamahlG-After.jpg  Bariatrics-JamahlG-Before.jpg

Gastric Banding: lost 160 pounds

I am able to sleep without a mask and my snoring and sleep apnea have stopped (My wife is most happy about that).

Going from a size 50 to size 36, I am now able to shop for clothing anywhere, and not be limited to big men stores. I am more active and have more energy.

Joseph C.

Bariatrics-JosephC-After.jpg  Bariatrics-JosephC-Before.jpg

Gastric Banding: lost 130 pounds

My entire life I felt trapped in my own body, like there was no escape. Everyone just referred to me as the "heavy set guy."

Growing up heavy, I never knew what it was like to feel confident about the way I look. Now when I look in the mirror, I am happy and confident that I look good and that makes me feel great. It's wonderful being able to buy clothes anywhere I want and not have to settle for clothes because they happen to fit.

Rossean C.

Bariatrics-RosseanC-After.jpg  Bariatrics-RosseanC-Before.jpg

Gastric Bypass: lost 130 pounds

I am happy to regain my health back. I am now able to discontinue and lower my blood pressure.

I was given a tool and each day I try my very best to use it in a positive way. I am blessed and try to surround myself with people who support me and always think positive.