Peconic Bay Medical Center Nutritional Services


Do you have a diagnosis of diabetes or kidney disease?

Medicare Part B beneficiares with a diagnosis of diabetes or chronic non-dialysis kidney disease are eligible for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Medicare Part B reimburses three hours of nutrition therapy the first year, and two hours each following year.

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Outpatient Nutrition Program


A Theraputic Approach to Treating Medical Conditions


  • Diabetes Management (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Management
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Blood Pressure Management
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (non-dialysis)

Medical Nutrition Therapy:

A Healthy Approach to Lifestyle and Eating Habits


Medical Nutrition Therapy is a theraputic approach to treating medical conditions. It is not about dieting. It is about managing your special needs by making smart choices about what and when you eat.

A Personalized Plan. Just for You






Through the Medical Nutrition Therapy program, a Registered Dietician works with you individually to develop an individualized plan for you that will include:

  • Healthy food preparation
  • Reading food labels
  • Guidelines for eating out
  • Diet and nutrition modifications to fit your lifestyle
  • Applying your doctor's recommendations to your daily diet and exercise routine
  • Understanding the relationship between nutritional therapy and the medical management of your condition
  • Consideration of lifestyle changes that may enhance overall health, such as stress management and physical activity, as approved by your Physician


A physician referral for nutrition counseling is required by insurance companies for outpatient medical nutrition therapy at Peconic Bay Medical Center.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare Part B beneficiaries are covered for referrals involving diabetes and chronic kidney conditions (co-pays may apply).

Other insurance coverage varies depending on the type of insurance and benefit package. Please check with your insurance company to confirm the extent of your coverage for outpatient nutrition counseling. Some participants may be required to cover the cost themselves. Patients are responsible for all charges not covered by their insurance.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
call 631-548-6395