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Admission to the Program

A. Admissions

The program accepts up to fourteen (14) students for admission. It is recommended that all applications and other required documents be submitted on a timely basis. The school does not set a limit on the number of applications received. COMPLETED Program applications received after the deadline of March 1 will NOT be considered for the upcoming September class.

***Advanced Placement or Transfer Students are NOT accepted***

B. Academic Requirements: 

  • All applicants are required to hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Our program is seeking a well-rounded candidate who possesses the abilities to manage both the didactic and clinical components of the program. 
  • An Associate degree granted, or higher, by an accredited institution with a cumulative
  • GPA ≥ 2.3
  • Submit OFFICIAL high school and college transcripts to program for evaluation
  • If you will be completing your Associate Degree by the May of the year of application, you may still apply.

 C. Technical Standards

  • Manual Dexterity
    • Must have the ability to make coordinated, skillful movements of fingers, hands and arms.
    • Ability to perform on personal computer keyboard.
    • Ability to document in an accurate and legible manner.
    • Mobility to go from one department of the hospital to another department, while moving a portable radiography unit.
  • Flexibility
    • Ability to bend, stretch, and reach to locate x-ray cassettes and other image receptors, supplies, forms, files, etc.
  • Hearing
    • Ability to hear telephone ringing and to conduct a telephone conversation in a noisy environment.
  • Vision
    • Must have the ability to see and distinguish and discriminate objects and/or people in the environment.
    • Ability to identify information on radiography machines and on a computer screen to determine radiographic quality
  • Static Strength
    • Must have the ability to lift items weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds.  For Example: Radiography Cassettes and Image Receptors, Radiographic Grids, supplies, etc.
    • Must have the ability to assist in movement of patients to and from the radiography table.
  • Stamina
    • Must be able to stand and walk for periods of two hours continuous and for a total of 7 ½ to 8 hour shifts while performing radiographic exams.
  • Speech
  • Sufficient nonverbal and verbal skills in English to express needs promptly and effectively.

D. The Application Portfolio

The application form and package will be forwarded upon request.

Click here to download the application (PDF)
Click here to download the application (TXT)


 Submit a completed and signed application form by March 1. 

  • Applicants must request that all official transcripts be sent to the school.
  • The applicant is responsible for any required fees to have these sent from their respective institutions.

 Transcripts should be addressed:

Peconic Bay School of Radiologic Technology
1 Heroes Way (Formerly 1300 Roanoke Avenue)
Riverhead, New York 11901
Attention: Frank Zaleski, LMSW, MBA, BS, RT ( R )

  • Application fee (non-refundable) of $100.00 by Certified Bank Check payable to “Peconic Bay Medical Center”
  • Affirm receipt of application package.
  • Three letters of recommendation (Academic and/or Professional)
  • Please use “Reference Letter Form (PDF)” and follow the instructions on form. Click here for a TXT file of the Reference Letter Form.
  • Submit a TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED personal essay that will answer the following questions: 
    • Out of all the professions in the world to choose, why are you choosing to become a Radiographer and why our school?
    • Then...
    • "Please share any disruptions in your academic, volunteer, work, and/or personal life related to COVID-19 that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider."
    • Please see the PERSONAL ESSAY FORM ATTACHMENT for layout! 
  • MANDATORY - Current resume or CV highlighting your responsibilities at workplaces.
  • Applicants are responsible for the completion of the application.

E. Entrance Examination

All applicants must take the Peconic Bay School of Radiologic Technology Entrance Exam.

  • The applicant will complete the attached "Entrance Examination Request (PDF)" form and schedule their examination with the Program. Click here for a TXT file of the Entrance Examination Request.
  • The cost for the entrance exam is $75.00.  Please bring a CERTIFIED BANK CHECK made payable to "Peconic Bay Medical Center" ONLY.
  • The instructions for the Entrance Examination are located on the "Entrance Exam Request" form.
  • To further your application to the Admissions Committee, a candidate must achieve SATISFACTORY SCORES on the examination.
  • The examination is composed of the following sections: English, Arithmetic, Spelling, and Reading Comprehension. 
  • There is no writing section. 
  • A simple four function calculator will be provided to you.
  • The potential student may take an entrance examination TWICE per academic year. It is not mandatory to take the exam twice, but the Admissions Committee will weigh the higher scores in your overall application.

F. Observation of Radiologic Technologist 

A student achieving SATISFACTORY SCORES and above on the Entrance Exam will be notified by mail of the opportunity to observe a Radiologic Technologist in the Radiology Department.

Observation in a Radiologic Technology Department is an integral component of the selective admission process for the Radiologic Technology Program at Peconic Bay Medical Center.

Students interested in Radiologic Technology as a career, have the opportunity to see firsthand, what responsibilities are involved in this profession.

  • Students achieving this goal will be contacted by the Program of Radiologic Technology at Peconic Bay Medical Center to set up a time to shadow a Radiologic Technologist in the Radiology Department at Peconic Bay Medical Center.
  • Students will observe actual patient care; appropriate dress (business casual, comfortable shoes, no open-toed shoes) is required.
  • Students are expected to spend no less than three (3) hours to ensure a complete overview of what a career in Radiologic Technology entails. In addition, they are required to complete the “Hospital Observation Worksheet” and submit it to the Program of Radiologic Technology for admission consideration.
  • The observation times will be scheduled through mid-January to mid-April, Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm in the Radiology Department at Peconic Bay Medical Center.

G. Notice of Professional Interview

  • Notice of interviews will be sent out by May 1st.
  • You may only be granted an interview AFTER completing the Observation of Radiologic Technologist.
  • It is at this time of the Professional Interview that the applicant should present to the Admissions Committee any descriptions or explanations that may in the future or have in the past strong influence over academic performance with personal circumstances such as a personal illness, family problems, etc. have adversely affected academic records. The interview is an opportunity to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the records.  Motivation will be strongly considered.

H. Post-Interview

Each candidate interviewed will receive ONE of three outcome responses to the interview.

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Alternate Acceptance Letter
  • Denial Letter

Each ACCEPTED candidate must return to the school the following items:

  • Letter stating intention by requested date on acceptance letter
  • Tuition deposit of $1,000.00 (non-refundable)
  • 2 x 2 Passport Photo.
  • Payment Plan Agreement (if applicable)

Each ACCEPTED candidate will have until August 1* of that summer to return the following:

  • Remainder tuition of $7,000.00
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Obtain a health physical provided by the Employee Health Department at Peconic Bay Medical Center, including a DRUG SCREENING.

I. Exceptions and Appeals

  • Applicants who wish to have an exception granted to any of the above standards or to wish to claim a special situation for an appeal to the Admissions Committee must state the request in writing giving full details and supporting documentation. This should be directed to the attention of the Program Director.
  • Exceptions and appeals will not be accepted after June 15.

J. The Admission Scoring Process

Applicants will be chosen based on the following Admissions scoring criteria (110 points):

  • College Marks (10 points total)
    • Overall GPA 2.3-2.6 = 2 points
    • Overall GPA 2.7-3.0 = 4 points
    • Overall GPA 3.1-3.3 = 6 points
    • Overall GPA 3.4-3.6 = 8 points
    • Overall GPA 3.7-4.0 = 10 points
  • Recommendation Letters (5 points total)
  • Essay (5 points total)
    • Answers the question
    • Uses appropriate terminology, including but not limited to the professional title of "Radiologic Technologist"
    • Use of proper grammar
    • Combines life experiences within essay
  • Entrance Exam (30 points total)
    • Your score will be calculated using a SCANTRON device
    • You will receive a letter after your test with the score of each section on it
  • Observation (10 points total)
    • Observation Test = 5 points
    • Observation Technologist Evaluation = 5 points
  • Professional Interview (36 points total)
  • Miscellaneous (12 points total)
    • Application in on time and completed
    • Fee sent with application
    • Transcripts sent within a timely manner
    • Evidence of degree
    • On time for observation
    • On time for entrance exam
    • On time for interview
    • Speaking respectfully when dealing with school personnel
    • Dressing appropriately for observation and/or interview

Scoring well on entrance exam, performing an observation and being granted an interview is NOT a guarantee of admission. Due to limited capacity, only a selected number of students can be accepted.