Public Communications

PBMC Health Public Communications and Health Initiatives

PBMC Public Communications Library

Find health videos, tv and radio spots, as well as print publications and news.

PBMC Health Pelvic Floor Institute

New treatments and resources are available to address bladder and bowel conditions, constipation, incontinence, and other problems associated with the pelvic region.

PBMC Health Lung Cancer Screening Program

A simple, quick CT screening can reduce your chances of dying of lung cancer by 20%.

Electronic Health Records at PBMC Health Institute

Our new, state-of-the-art digital health records system improves safety, speeds service, and enables faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Center for Total Joint Replacement

From pre-education to surgery through rehibilitaion, PBMC Health is Long Island's leader in advanced knee and hip replacement procedures.

Advanced Robotic Surgery

Enabling incredibly precise surgeries through a single, tiny incision, PBMC Health's new daVinci Si robotic system offers greater safety and faster recoveries, even for complex surgeries.