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Common Symptoms of Heart Disorder

Feb 5, 2019

common symptoms of heart attach

Everyone has opinions on how you can care for your heart. There also are many opinions about symptoms of heart disorder. Some are accurate while others are old wives' tales. Learn more about some common symptoms of heart disorder.

Chest Pain

It’s understood that chest pain and heart attacks are related. Chest pain is often the first physical sign a person recognizes as trouble and is the one symptom that usually gets them to a hospital if it’s debilitating enough. Chest pain doesn’t always indicate a heart attack. One type of chest pain, angina, is a symptom of coronary artery disease. Don't ignore chest pain. Talk to a doctor who specializes in cardiology in Suffolk County, NY.

Heart Palpitations

If you experience heart palpitations, your heart feels like it’s racing or pumping harder than usual. You also might feel like your heart races at times and then slows down. Uneven heartbeat can be a sign of an arrhythmia. Some people live with an arrhythmia and never have a problem, but it can be a sign that you have heart disease. An arrhythmia can be harmless, a sign of other heart problems, or an immediate danger to your health. Talk with your cardiology specialists in Suffolk County, NY, and let them determine if you need further testing.

Shortness of Breath

You may be experiencing shortness of breath if you feel a tightening in your chest or feel like you’re suffocating. Trouble breathing can be associated with things other than heart disease, such as asthma or being out of shape. It’s not unusual to be short of breath when you’re just starting a new exercise program. However, if it persists or happens when you’re resting or lying flat, discuss with your doctor. It could be a warning sign of heart disease.

signs of heart attack


Everyone is tired today. Life is busy, and getting enough rest is just a dream for many. Fatigue is different than tiredness. Fatigue makes you so tired you feel like you can’t do the normal things like walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. Sometimes it comes on suddenly and you feel so weak you have to sit or lie down. When fatigue affects you like this, it could be a sign of a heart disorder.

Swollen Legs and Feet

When your heart isn’t healthy, it doesn’t pump blood as well. Blood flow usually slows down and backs up in veins in your legs. When that happens, you get fluid built up in your tissues, which results in swelling. Always check with a cardiology center in Suffolk County, NY, if you notice swelling in your lower legs.  

These are a few common symptoms of heart disorder. Your doctor may have a few more that they look for when checking your heart health. If you’re concerned about your heart, schedule an appointment with a doctor at Peconic Bay Medical Center's cardiology center in Suffolk County, NY.