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The Importance of Cancer Screening

Feb 7, 2017


The most important component in the fight against cancer is detecting it as early as possible. Many people, however, either delay or avoid getting screened for cancer. If you haven’t undergone the cancer screenings recommended for your age and gender, let us at Peconic Bay Medical Center help you get the tests you need.

Cancer Screenings Are an Important Part of Healthcare

There is a reason the medical community has specific recommendations for cancer screenings. Screenings are a vital aspect of comprehensive healthcare. They’re the best way to identify cancer in its earliest stages, often before it causes any symptoms. Without screenings, the ability for doctors to detect -- and, therefore, successfully treat -- cancer is greatly diminished.

To find out what screenings are recommended for you, make an appointment to see one of our doctors. We have a number of cancer specialists, who will gladly meet with you to review your health situation, see what screenings are appropriate for you and schedule those tests.

Facing Fears is Difficult -- But Important

Here at Peconic Bay Medical Center, we find that many people are hesitant to schedule cancer screenings because they’re worried about finding out that they have cancer. Sometimes, people would prefer to live in ignorance than know the struggle their body is going through. Remaining ignorant, however, doesn’t help slow cancer’s advance.

Facing fears of potential cancers is difficult, but it’s important to do. It’s the best way to take care of your body and yourself. If you don’t have cancer, the news will be encouraging. If you do, learning about your cancer may be disheartening, but it’s the first step to treating and overcoming the cancer.

When you come in for an appointment, our physicians will help you with the challenges that fears cause. We regularly see patients who don’t have cancer, who are at high risk of getting cancer, who just learned they have cancer and who are suffering from advanced cancers that have spread. Our doctors are familiar with all the struggles that accompany cancer, and they’re here to help you overcome your struggles -- whatever they may be.