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Misconceptions about Joint Replacement Surgeries

Jul 8, 2018


Joint replacement surgery has helped countless people with joint pain and limited mobility. Despite the success stories, several myths still linger around this life-changing procedure. Keep reading to learn more from the orthopedic care specialists in Long Island, NY, at Peconic Bay Medical Center.

Myth 1: Waiting Until You Can’t Walk

One of the most common myths about joint replacement surgery is that you should wait until the last possible moment to get your surgery. It’s never a good idea to put off surgery; doing so can make your condition worse. You should never have to put up with pain and limited mobility for any reason. If your pain is affecting the quality of your life, don’t wait until it becomes unbearable. Tell your doctor if you’re experiencing joint pain or if you have trouble standing up or walking. Why wait to have joint replacement surgery when you could be living a pain-free life now?  

Myth 2: Too Young or Old for Surgery

You're never too young or too old for joint replacement surgery. In the past, patients did have to worry about additional surgeries to the same joints in the future to maintain their mobility. However, thanks to advances in joint replacement surgery and medical technology, young adults don’t have to worry about maintenance-related procedures. Older adults who are healthy enough for minimally invasive surgery are perfect candidates for joint replacement. 


Myth 3: Permanent Restriction after Surgery

Another common misconception about joint replacement surgery is that, after the surgery, you'll have more physical restrictions than you did before the surgery. Chances are if you were in pain before your surgery, you were already limiting your physical activity. Imagine what you could do if that pain and stiffness were gone. Yes, there will be a time to recover after your surgery. However, joint replacement surgery isn't as invasive as it used to be. Most patients can return home the same day or the day after their surgery, and, within a few weeks, they're back to their regular activities. Your doctor will likely encourage you to see a physical therapist. When you’re ready to return to your normal activities, your doctor can help you develop a regular exercise plan that will strengthen your new joints and improve your overall health.   

Myth 4: Post-Surgery Pain and Healing

Will there be a pain after your joint replacement surgery? Yes; it’s unrealistic to think otherwise. However, compared to joint replacement procedures of the past, you can expect faster recovery times thanks to minimally invasive surgical procedures. You'll be expected to take it easy for the first few weeks—no heavy lifting or intense exercising. Follow-up appointments with your orthopedic specialist in Long Island, NY, will determine your progress and how soon you can return to normal activities. Visit your doctor at Peconic Bay Medical Center to see if joint replacement is right for you.