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Signs You Need Emergency Care for Chronic Back Pain

Dec 12, 2019
Man with back pain

Have you been popping aspirin every few hours to alleviate your back pain? Before you take another dose, read this post. You might have a condition that requires treatment from priority medical centers in Suffolk County, NY. In this post, you’ll learn more about how to recognize when chronic back pain might be something more serious and require emergency care.

Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss is always something to take seriously, especially when it’s accompanied by chronic back pain. When tumors are present along the spine, chronic back pain can be the first sign. Medical centers have the technology to find out what’s going on quickly and get you prompt treatment.


Are you having trouble getting to the bathroom in time? Back pain accompanied by incontinence issues can indicate a condition called caudi equina syndrome. This problem causes compression of the lower spine’s nerve sac. The reason for the compression can be a tumor, but it can also be an infection. Doctors at medical centers can treat the infection and help you feel better faster. You’ll also have fewer trips to the bathroom.

Sleepless Nights

Back pain that wakes you up at night shouldn’t be ignored. Pain that happens from lying in the wrong position or from overuse might keep you up at night but should subside. It’s the unexplainable chronic pain that concerns doctors. If you can’t sleep because of never-ending back pain, make an appointment with a doctor soon or visit an urgent medical center for faster treatment.

Stomach Pain

Is your back pain accompanied by localized stomach pain? The back pain might actually be pain from the stomach that’s radiating to your back. So, it may feel like back pain, but it isn’t. This can be a sign of an abdominal aortic aneurysm that requires emergency treatment. Seek care to find out what’s going on right away.

Back pain while sleeping

Bloody Urine

Kidney stones can cause blood in the urine and severe back pain. This is a condition that can be relieved by visiting an urgent care center for treatment to flush out the stone. Often, kidney stones don’t cause chronic back pain for weeks at a time; rather, they cause sudden pain that comes in waves. Over-the-counter pain relievers are usually ineffective at managing the pain. Although stones can pass on their own, some can cause other complications. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to get emergency care.

If you have chronic back pain, don’t be fearful. Be proactive. The conditions associated with ongoing pain can seem frightening, but when you get emergency care you can recover faster and get back to living life pain-free. Today’s medical advancements offer numerous treatments to help you alleviate many chronic pain issues, not only back pain. Contact Peconic Bay Medical Center at (631) 548-6446 to learn more about services offered at our family medical centers.