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Is There a Connection between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease?

Jan 7, 2019

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Studies have proven that there's a link between heart disease and erectile dysfunction (ED). According to research, a man suffering from ED stands a higher risk of suffering from heart disease. For instance, 64% of men who have suffered a heart attack, and 57% of men that had bypass surgery have had ED at least at one point in their lives.

When listing heart disease factors such as smoking and coronary artery diseases in the family lineage, ED is also counted as one of the risk factors. If you're suffering from a heart condition, the right treatment from medical centers in Suffolk County, NY, will also solve your erectile dysfunction. Understanding the connection between these two conditions is helpful in dealing with them.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the condition where a man is unable to get and sustain an erection needed for sexual intercourse. At any age, this condition isn't taken to be normal, and one should seek help immediately from medical care centers in Suffolk County, NY. Low sex drive, premature ejaculation, and infertility aren't the same as ED, although they may be associated with it.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Heart Problems?

A man gets an erection when blood rushes to his penis. The clogging of arteries by atherosclerosis interrupts or reduces the blood flow, resulting to ED or impotence. In the past, the common belief was that erectile dysfunction preceded heart problems due to the plaque (atherosclerosis) buildup in the arteries.

However, today, experts from the largest medical centers in Suffolk County, NY, have done more research and found out that ED preceding heart disease is due to the dysfunction of the endothelium (inner lining of blood vessels) and smooth muscle. The dysfunction of the endothelial impairs the blood flow to the penis and causes an inadequate supply of blood to the heart.

How Strong Is The Connection?

According to the findings above, erectile dysfunction doesn't always mean there is an underlying heart problem. However, if you're experiencing ED without any obvious cause like trauma or heart problem symptoms, you should do a screening for heart problems before taking any treatment.

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Risk Factors Shared between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

ED and heart problems share a common disease process. Apart from that, they also share the following risk factors.

  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol use
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco use
  • High blood pressure
  • Age
  • Low testosterone

Understanding the connection between ED and heart disease is critical in taking the right treatment approach. At Peconic Bay Medical Center, we understand this and take time to do more research to discover and treat ED and heart disease. Visit us today for more insight if you're affected with any of these two conditions.