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Tips for Eating More Healthy

Jan 10, 2017


The fad diets of the good ol' days are a thing of the past, and for good reason! Today's healthy eating advice offers choices that are truly delicious, easy-to-follow, and, with a little commitment, can actually help improve your overall physical health. Read on for 9 quick tips on healthy eating, and then, if you feel super inspired, contact our team at Peconic Bay Medical Center and talk over your new healthy eating plan with a physician.

1. Eat Less Meat 

Incorporating smaller amounts of meat can still satisfy your cravings and get your daily protein in, but moderation means less cholesterol and potential for heart disease.

2. Eat More Vegetables 

Eating less meat goes hand in hand with eating more vegetables. Salads, side dishes and nourishing veggie soups all can help you sample a wide variety of low calorie vitamins and minerals.

3. Healthy Fats 

Calcium is great for keeping the doctors at bay, but be careful to load up on lots of cheese, which also contains fat. Look instead to non-dairy options, like nuts, nut butters and oils, plus avocados and certain types of fish to give you a more nutritious option.

4. Natural Sugars

Skip the refined sugar and swap out maple syrup, or even dates to cure your sugar blues. These natural sugars won't spike your blood sugar and lead you to crave even more.

5. Stay Hydrated 

Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water to stay hydrated and curb overeating. For example, a 150 pound woman should drink 75 ounces, about 9 glasses of water, per day.

6. Cut The Caffeine 

A little coffee in the morning is a great thing, but too much coffee can wreak havoc on your nervous and digestive systems. Swap out herbal tea or sparking water for a pick-me-up that won't give you jitters.

7. Up Your Fiber 

Ample fiber makes for smoother digestion and improved cardiovascular health. Fresh fruit and veggie snacks can help you up your fiber game, as can whole grains like oatmeal and shredded wheat.

8. Eat the Rainbow 

Eating a variety of colors in your food sources means that you'll get a variety of nutrients. Green broccoli, dark purple beets, bright orange peppers--these foods all offer an array of beautiful benefits to your body.

9. Forget Everything 

Finally, don't forget to take time to simply enjoy food and throw the rules out the window now and then. When you don't feel deprived, you're better able to stick to a healthy plan of moderation.