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Tips for Finding the Best Spine Surgeon

Dec 23, 2019
Patient consultation with doctor about orthopedic spine surgeons Suffolk county Ny

Finding fantastic orthopedic spine surgeons isn't as difficult as you might think. As long as your surgeon has the right background and experience, you're off to a good start. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and verify their credentials. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your doctor and be secure in their ability to handle your treatment.

Facing surgery is frightening for many patients, but it doesn't have to be. Confidence is key! Although you don't always have to get a second opinion, it’s a good idea to follow up with your doctor. Spinal surgery has come a long way over the years, and doctors today can do much more and with better results than ever before. Working with an orthopedic spinal surgeon is less worrisome and easier than you probably think.

Ask Questions

It's always recommended that you ask questions. For many patients, meeting their surgeon for the first time can be a bit scary. It's not a bad idea to write your questions down ahead of time. This may seem awkward, but it's far better than forgetting to ask a crucial question. Doctors are accustomed to patients having plenty of questions, especially before a surgery. Establishing a good rapport with your surgeon before the surgery could also go a long way to making your recovery easier and more comfortable.

Verify Credentials

Your surgeon should be board certified or board eligible. Additionally, they should be a member of a major spine organization, such as the North American Spine Society or American Board of Spine Surgeons. These credentials are quite easy to verify by contacting the board or organization. These certifications are usually posted on the wall in the surgeon's office.

Each state licenses doctors to practice medicine, and this is easy enough to verify by contacting the state licensing board. The Federation of State Medical Boards’ website has details on doctors and their certifications and education. It should also have information regarding whether there are any actions against the doctor. If you desire, there are online sites for rating doctors you can peruse. Although you can check these as well, you should realize that the reviews are subjective and based on personal experience.

X-ray of spine with doctor about orthopedic spine surgeons Suffolk county Ny

Specializations Matter

A general surgeon isn’t the same as a spinal surgeon. Additionally, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons can both work on the spine. However, these areas of practice aren’t interchangeable. Depending upon your specific condition and needs, one or the other will perform the surgery.

This is where a fellowship and years of specialized practice come into play. Not all orthopedic spine surgeons have experience with precisely the same procedures. Some will have more success in in certain areas. This is why it's a good idea to be thorough. Specializations matter because they speak directly to the background and capabilities of the surgeon.

As you can see, with a little bit of preparation and a few questions, finding excellent orthopedic spine surgeons in Suffolk County, NY, isn't that challenging. Contact Peconic Bay Medical Center at (631) 548-6000 if you require any assistance.