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Tips to Finding the Right Cardiologist

Feb 4, 2019

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Taking care of your heart is important for your health. Make sure you find the right cardiologist when you need specialized care. Choosing the right doctor for your heart will help you be healthier and recover faster from heart issues. Here are some tips to follow when looking for a cardiologist.

Ask Your Primary Doctor

Your doctor is connected to a network of doctors and services. Ask your primary care doctor for recommendations when looking for a cardiologist. Your doctor wants you to have the best available care in the region, so trust that they will recommend the most qualified cardiologist for your condition.

Look at Credentials

Always check a doctor’s credentials. A cardiologist should be board certified. What this is means is that a cardiologist studied the specialty and passed rigorous testing. You should also look to see if they have an FACC-designation. A cardiologist who has that designation has gone through higher standards of learning and more rigorous tests, according to the American College of Cardiology (ACC). This qualification ensures that your cardiologist will have the most up-to-date information and meets a tougher standard in regards to patient care.

Go Local

Choosing a cardiologist in your area is not only less expensive than having to deal with travel costs, but it also keeps visits to the cardiologist less stressful. If you’re concerned about not receiving the best care because you live in a small city or have a rare heart condition that your local doctor may not have too much experience with, the local cardiologist can refer you to cardiologist in a bigger city.

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Get Information from Office Staff

Before you schedule your first appointment, you should make sure to ask the office staff any pertinent questions. How busy is the office? Can I schedule extra time to speak with the doctor? Who would you see if the primary cardiologist is unavailable? Routine appointments with your cardiologist are crucial. You need to feel comfortable with your cardiologist, his or her covering doctor, and the office staff. Make a list of questions to ask the staff and doctor before deciding.

Choose Based on Your Condition

The heart is a complicated organ. There are many different types of problems that affect the heart, and your cardiologist should specialize in the specific problem you’re dealing with. Because of this, recommendations from friends and family might not be the best way to go unless they have the same heart issues you have. Once you choose a cardiologist and have an appointment, always be honest about why you’re there. If it helps, bring notes.

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