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Jan 27, 2020
Most people think the only set of initials used to identify doctors is MD. MD is short for either medical doctor. Then, Doctor of Medicine (DO) is what many others imagine when they think of doctors. But aren’t they the same thing? No, there is a difference.
Jan 23, 2020
There’s no question that keeping your heart healthy is one of the most important steps you can take to bolster your overall well-being and extend your life span. While genetics often conspire against people with a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, there are some preventive measures that every person can take to help counteract heredity and family history.
Jan 20, 2020
Many people worry as soon as they notice a bump under their skin that wasn't there before. While most of them aren't actually malignant or cancerous, they can be bothersome and cause discomfort. Carpal boss is a lump that appears on the back of the hand. And, these protrusions might need surgery, depending on the diagnosis of orthopedic surgery specialists in Suffolk County, NY. Learn more about them by reading on.
Jan 17, 2020
If you’re suffering from severe lower back pain, you may have lumbar spinal stenosis. Caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar area of your back, the nerves in your lower back are put under pressure, resulting in a burning pain that can spread out from your back and down your legs.
Jan 14, 2020
The shoulders are the most flexible joints in the body. Composed of three bones—the humerus, the scapula, and the clavicle—there are actually two joints in each shoulder. There’s the acromioclavicular (AC) joint, which is where the clavicle meets the shoulder blade, and the glenohumeral joint, where the humerus interacts with the scapula.
Jan 8, 2020
The shoulders play an important part in many activities. This can be from everyday tasks, like combing the hair or taking a cereal box from the cupboard, to playing sports, such as swimming, tennis, or basketball. If doing these things seems easy, it's all thanks to the labrum - the cartilage that lines the ball and socket joint.
Jan 6, 2020
Common colds can wear you down. Read about home remedies to soothe a cold from Peconic Bay Medical Center, a leading medical center in Suffolk County, NY.
Jan 3, 2020
Some health issues pertain especially to women. Learn from Peconic Bay Medical Center about women’s health concerns medical centers in Suffolk County, NY
Dec 29, 2019
Kidney, gallbladder, and ureter stones are painful and affect men and women of all ages. Usually, the stones pass on their own, but when a person has trouble passing the stone, their doctor might suggest the lithotripsy procedure if medication doesn’t work. Keep reading to learn the facts about this medical procedure.
Dec 27, 2019
It’s winter in Suffolk County! That means evenings by the fire, snowball fights, and sometimes, fever. A fever is your body’s response to an illness or infection. Keep in mind, unless it rises too high, a fever can be a good thing. Whether caused by a bacterial infection or a virus, a fever helps your body recover. Take a minute and read about the dos and don’ts of fighting a viral fever.