Volunteer Services

Catch the spirit of the community!

Peconic Bay Medical Center and PBMC Health invite you to join us in our mission to improve the health of our communities by providing quality, comprehensive and compassionate care. Join our team!

To volunteer, or for additional information, contact Joan Fehling, Director of Volunteer Services, at 631-548-6021.

You can make a difference.

Volunteers are people of all ages and walks of life who, for a myriad of reasons, offer their time and energy in the service of others. Volunteers step forward and carry out their assignments and touch the lives of those they serve in many positive ways. Their personal rewards are intangible, the expectations modest, yet ask a volunteer why he or she serves and you often hear some variation of "I'd like to make a difference."

Whether you are a teen, a homemaker, an employed or retired adult, as a Peconic Bay Medical Center volunteer, you become an integral part of the medical center team. Your efforts will benefit the medical center in continuing its commitment to excellence while providing you with the personal satisfaction of contributing to the welfare of those in need.

Your service adds a most important ingredient to healthcare— love and concern for people. It improves the service and lightens the burden, allowing the professional staff more time to care for patients. A Peconic Bay Medical Center volunteer, more than any other person on the team, contributes to an atmosphere of friendliness and good will.

Helping Hands Volunteers

Be part of a health care team committed to providing quality, compassionate and comprehensive care.

Peconic Bay Medical Center is now recruiting Helping Hands Volunteers.

Volunteers in the Helping Hands Program work directly with patients, responding to call lights and assisting them with feeding, a blanket or just spending time with them. An orientation in safe swallowing and communicating with compassion is provided.

Those who select this avenue of volunteerism truly augment staff in providing comfort and a sense of caring to our patients. This is one of the most rewarding experiences in volunteering. It offers the opportunity to partner with a dynamic team of health care professionals while working directly with patients to assist in making their hospital stay more comfortable.

Helping Hands Volunteers help to make our hospital a better place for patients, visitors, physicians and staff. If you love working with people and have the gift of bringing smiles and conversation, consider becoming a Helping Hands volunteer.

Emergency Department Volunteers

Volunteers in our Emergency Department provide an important service by being compassionate liaisons between those receiving care in our E.D. and their family and loved ones who are waiting for them. They may also assist staff with simple clerical tasks and errands.

Front Desk and Baking Programs

The Baking Program is also implemented by volunteers who bake cookies in our portable ovens for patients, visitors and staff as they visit each patient care unit. The wonderful aroma is an uplifting experience for all!

Smile! Our front desk volunteers welcome all those who enter our doors with a warm greeting and assistance.Other areas of service exist in our Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Outpatient Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, the Gift Shop and in diverse clerical positions throughout the medical center.

Junior Volunteers

High school students age 16-17 with working papers who volunteer can obtain valuable experience for future careers. Junior Volunteers who have given 100 hours of service and are pursuing advanced education for a healthcare career may qualify for an Auxiliary Healthcare Award. Junior Volunteers serve as Care Providers on nursing units, in our Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and in offices throughout the hospital.

Requirements for Junior Volunteer Program:

  1. You must be 16-17 years of age.
  2. You should be a high school student in good standing.
  3. You will need your working papers (up to age 16). Ask your parents and/or Guidance Counselor. Bring your blue card to your interview.
  4. N.Y.S. requires that we do a physical history with lab work prior to you becoming a volunteer. Parents must be present for lab work to be done.
  5. Letter of reference from your primary or homeroom teacher, guidance counselor or principal.
  6. Letter of reference from one other person (may be clergy, employer, neighbor).
  7. Complete the Jr. Volunteer Application and return to the above address with the reference letters. Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted by the Volunteer Services Department. (Applications available upon request or at main lobby desk).
  8. Your parent or guardian should accompany you to the interview and will be asked to sign the parental consent and authorization form at that time.

To volunteer, or for additional information, contact Joan Fehling, Director of Volunteer Services, at 631-548-6021.



Become a Junior Volunteer