Welcome to the PBMC Health Auxiliary web page. PBMC Health Auxiliary, a non-profit organization founded in 1951, supports and complements patient care and community service at Peconic Bay Medical Center by assisting patients, relatives and visitors in a responsible manner with compassion and courtesy. We invite you to explore the wide range of volunteer opportunities offered at PBMC Health. Volunteering as part of the auxiliary means making a difference and improving the lives of others.

Making our mission possible:

The Auxiliary is a volunteer organization committed to serving the entire medical center community, fostering quality, compassionate and comprehensive care through hands-on volunteering and innovative fundraising. Men and women of all ages, including juniors 15 to 18 years old, participate in the program and donate at least 4 hours of service each week.

How we work with the community:

Auxiliary members proudly serve as ambassadors between the hospital and the community. The Auxiliary increases community awareness of hospital services through local events, newsletters, announcements and communications with friends, neighbors and colleagues. We aim to be the voice of the communities served by PBMC Health and always welcome new ideas for involvement.

How we make a difference:

Auxiliary volunteers have donated over 1 million hours of service to the hospital since they organized more than 60 years ago.

A variety of activities are available to volunteers: direct contact with patients; serving behind the scenes; assisting families and visitors and providing staff support. While performing this valued service, you will make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy other benefits along with personal satisfaction for the difference you make in people’s lives.

How we make it all happen:

Auxiliary members work hard to promote PBMC Health through increased community awareness and vital fundraising initiatives. We organize large and small events such as the Summer BBQ, Fall Fashion Show and Winter Tea. Every year the Auxiliary coordinates the Annual Candlelight Ball, where we honor a community member for the significant impact they have made on the medical center and award a physician of year, through community nominations, for the incredible service they have provided. We also operate the Gift Shop within the hospital, organize raffles and make crafts, among many other activities.

The proceeds from these Auxiliary initiatives are donated to the hospital and have helped fund many important needs over the decades such as:

  • Purchasing medical equipment, including beds, wheelchairs rehabilitation equipment, etc…
  • Renovating special care units, among other essential capital needs

In addition to raising approximately $250,000 annually, through all the various activities, the PBMC Health Auxiliary has committed to raise an additional $1 million over 10 years (2011 – 2020) to support the Building Upon The Promise Of Excellence Campaign (PBMC Health Foundation).

Volunteer Opportunities:

Membership is open to all interested men and women (age 18 and above). The staff of Volunteer Services will help you match your interests with the current needs of the Medical Center.

Art Therapy Program at Peconic Bay Medical Center

Artwork has been found to offer numerous positive effects for patients. Peconic Bay Medical Center has incorporated an Art Therapy Program for our Surgical Pavilion, which allows patients to choose a piece of artwork from a selection of photographs for their personalized art in their individual room. This helps the patient have a more personal, unique appearance, rather than the usual uniform appearance of a hospital room. We want to offer any possible additional comfort to patients who are admitted to Peconic Bay Medical Center.

The selected volunteers will enter the patient rooms and speak with newly admitted patients about their interests, hobbies and pleasures in life. They will display a book of images available to select from. Once the image is selected, the volunteer will remove the current image in the frame and replace it with the one the patient chooses. This image will stay in the patient’s room the entire stay. Upon discharge, the volunteer will remove the picture and replace it with a generic photo until a new patient is admitted into a room.  Each room has a specialized wall-mounted flip frame that allows for an easy removal and replacement of the image.

We have hopes to expand this program to other units throughout the hospital. If you are interested in this program, you may contact Joan Fehling, Director of Volunteer Services at 631-548-6021.   

For more information to become a PBMC Health Auxiliary volunteer, please contact Joan Fehling, Director of Volunteer Services:

Phone: 631.548.6021
Email: Joan Fehling

2019 Auxiliary Board

President - Carol Aspinall
1st Vice President - Florence Policastro
2nd Vice President - Lynn Pleasants
Secretary - Deborah Scheurich
Treasurer - Sarah Mayo
Member at Large - Frances Brame 
Member at Large - Nancy Rubino
Member at Large - Sally Seikel
Member at Large - Lyn Tyler

Director of Volunteer Services - Joan Fehling