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Peconic Bay Medical Center Foundation

Thank you!

We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from so many people on the East End.

Your donations of financial assistance, personal protective equipment (PPE), food, and other supplies made a real difference in our ability to provide the best possible medical care for your family members, friends and neighbors here on the East End.

Givers to the COVID-19 Response Fund raised $1,400,000. Here are some highlights:

  • Total raised: More than $1,400,000 from more than 800 donors
  • Direct support for caregivers on the front line
  • More than 250 cases of water donated
  • Over 12,500 meals prepared, donated, delivered and distributed to staff
  • Nearly $13,000 of free groceries given to staff through our onsite grocery store
  • 671- $50 gift cards from local restaurants distributed to employees
  • Hundreds, if not thousands, of masks, face shields, gloves and goggles donated
  • More than 40 iPads and tablets donated so that family members could communicate with their hospitalized loved ones
  • Purchase of additional infection prevention equipment
  • Built additional capacity for our emergency department
  • Flowers and plants to all front line workers
  • 1,700 bottles of wine from local vineyards
  • Thousands of snacks and treats to boost morale of the staff on the front lines
  • 28 pieces of artwork created from local artists of staff pictures for Nurses' Week
  • 427 1st time donors from COVID-19 fundraising

Financial donations

If you would like to continue to support the COVID-19 Response Fund the best way  to help our caregivers and our community is with a financial donation that gives us the flexibility to apply resources where they are needed most.


Make a donation to our COVID-19 Response Fund

By Mail:

Make checks payable to “Peconic Bay Medical Center Foundation” and mail to:
     PBMC Foundation
     1 Heroes Way (Formerly 1300 Roanoke Avenue)
     Riverhead NY 11901

By Phone:

Call 631.548.6080 to speak with one of our development officers.

We've also partnered with the Riverhead BID to create a Double Impact fundraiser. By giving or fundraising on this page,, you can help both local Riverhead restaurants and hospital workers. For every $5,000 raised, 100 $50 gift cards from local restaurants will be purchased and distributed by a raffle to those currently working at the hospital.

Join the celebration

Beating COVID-19: A victory to celebrate

After a week on life support, Joshua is thankful to be alive and reunited with his family.

When the news started reporting cases of COVID-19 in New York, 45-year-old Joshua Wortman... Read more

Faces of courage

Heroes work here

The outpouring of love and support for our healthcare heroes is returned in the courage, dedication and care they express every day.

President's Circle - $10,000
Meredith and Bertram Cohen
Cooperage Inn
Emilie R.and Michael Corey
Kathleen and Donald N. Gershuny
Lynne M. and Robert Grossman
Ruth Ann and Bill Harnisch
Ina and Craig Hasday
Richard and Lisa Israel
John and Elaine Kanas Family Foundation
The Richard & Mary Morrison Foundation
Paumanok Vineyards, Ltd.
Gisele and Joseph Schueller
Margaret and Lewis Topper
Stanley Zinberg, MD, MS
Champion's Circle - $5,000
Brenda K. and Anthony M. Helies
JNS Development
Jean and John G. Leness
Mary and Andrew Mitchell
Pershing Advisor Solutions, LLC
Cheryl and James Reeve
Marguerite Strauss
Patron's Circle - $2,500
Kenney Barra
Sheila Buccholtz Scharfman
Health / ROI
Scott and Amy Loeb
Carol A. and Richard V. Musto, M.D.
Sherry Patterson
Riverhead Business Improvement District
Srinual and David Schlyer
Shahmoon Family Foundation
Guild Circle - $1,000
Allstate Elizabeth Hanlon Agency
Amy Auer Hensley
Denise Boden
Anita and John Brennan
Joan Cassel Kelly
Margaret Coffey
Hon. John Czygier
Linda and Michael Dempsey, MD
Harry Disimone
Marilyn and Michael Durham
Evangelista Construction Services, Inc
Jill and Oakley Gentry
Lucia Giurgiu
Michon and Timothy Griffing
Amy L. and Gerard P. Gwinn
Henry L. O'Brien Foundation
Lena and Gordon Huszagh
IBF Winery
J Signs and Advertising
Judith Jedlicka
Carol and Richard Johns, Jr.
Kenneth J. Tedaldi Foundation, Inc.
Kathy and Frank Kiernan
Leslie and Victor Lewkow
Anthony and Lynda Lomangino
Jay Mandelbaum
Kareem and Karen Massoud
Patricia Mele
Jennifer and Andrew Mendelson
Carol A. and Richard V. Musto, M.D.
Richard O'Dea
Mona and Rajoo Patel, MD
Pilot Club Of Greater Long Island
Mary Jane and Thomas Poole
Monte Redman
Riverhead Moose Lodge #1742 Loyal Order of Moose
Laurel Spitz
Pastor George and Lynn Summers
Sunrise Busses Inc
Samantha and Michael Vigliotta
Richard Winslow, Ph.D.
Suzanne Wood
Advocate's Circle - $500
Mary Ann Alexander
David Assalti
Diana L. Bartunek
George Bartunek
Lee Birkenfeld
Dr. and Mrs. Luigi Buono
Michael Butler
Martin Byrnes
Gerard Carpenter
Kathy and Agostino Cervone, MD
Children's Museum of the East End
Clovis Point Vineyard and Winery
Natalie and Arthur Crowe
Richard Crystal
Russell Daum
Jennifer and Charles Drake
Helen Duryea
Ginger and Jerome Duvall
Aryanne Ferranti
Fork and Anchor
David and Linda Francescani
Mary Franza
Suhani and Sandeep Gandhi, M.D.
Carol and Eugene Glazer
Amy L. and Gerard P. Gwinn
Joseph Hall
Hearts In The Community, Inc.
HJW Associates
Jillian Hunter Saetta
Anne Kauffman Nolon
Cristina and David Kepner
Christine Kippley
Janice Korth
Kenneth and Melissa Mayer
Jeffrey Mehl
Chester Murray
Louis Nardolillo
Joseph Nemeth
Catherine and Steven Ouzounian, M.D.
Palmer Vineyards
PBMC Business Office
Premier Mechanical Services, Inc.
Remsenburg Garden Club
Patricia A. Rousso
Joan Shalov
Mary Stark
Suhru Wines
Swiss Motel
Sharon and Steven Tietze
Westhampton Woman's Club
Allison Wile
Supporter - $250
Gretchen Penn and Marc Alessi Esq.
Michael Aliperti
Anthony Izzo & Associates
Eileen Kelly Art
Anna Backer and Dean C. Backer
John Baldwin
Maureen and Leroy Barnes
John Barrie
Kerri Bertolini
Marth-Ann and Tom Betjemann
Margaret Bowles
John Cain
Katherine Carlson
David Catalano
Kathy Cheska
Maureen Brady Curzio and James Curzio
Dennis and Jean D’Alessandro
Emily Dalmasse
Amanda Dearmitt, RN
DeLalio Sod Farm
Jane and Robert Dell
Donald Denis
Carolyn A. and Charles Drexel
Jeannie Drozd
Gregory Dunn
Lawrence Faraone
Barry Fox
Theodore Freund
Maryellen S. and David A. Gamberg
Donald Gannon
Beth and Owen Hanlon
James Hisiger
Roberta Jaklevic
John P. Kujawski and Sons, Inc.
Phyllis Katz
Eileen Kelly
Dave Kilbride
Michelle Leden
Joan Levan
Barbara Licari
Jered A. Lynch
Andrea Maltese
Marie Mason
Pamela McMackin
Diana Menaker
Denise M. and Brian Misiewicz
Mia Mistina
Thaddeus Niksa
North Fork Avon by Sandi
Linda Oats
Frank Pappacoda
Gary Pecorino
Andrew Persits, M.D.
Florence Policastro
Paul Ragusa
Monica and Robert Rauls
RGNY Vineyard
Ricardo M. Rivera
Rocky Point Retirees
Mary and Robert Rose
Lisa Sidel
Susan Snizek
Tracy Stark-James
Barbara Stuchinski
Bette and Thomas Sturges
Donna and Steven Trusnovec
Mike Velys
Kahtlleen Walbroehl
Allan Wicklund
Stanley Williams
Nancy Willott
Henry Zaleski
Friends of PBMC - $100
Suzanne Barabas Betts
Mary Ann Donnelly
John Abbott
John Abruscati
Douglas Adams
Carol Aery
Carol and Kip Aery
Amelia Albano
Rosemarie Alexander
Anne M. and Michael C. Amato
American Media Electronics,Inc.
Janice Anderer
John Anderson
Marta Andreotta
Barbara Ann Brunner
Aquebogue Mobile Home Court
Theresa Argenio
Norman Arman
Roberta Arnold
Laraine Ascerno
Carol Aspinall
Martin Attridge
Moshe Azoulai
Katherine Balasis
Anthony Balzano
Carol Barbaccia
Diane M. and Joseph Barone
Janet L. Barr
Judith Jacunski Barth and Barry Barth
Lawrence Bass
Jeffrey Bass
Edward Batcheller
Karen L. Bath
Leslie Bay
Joseph Beaudin
Carol Behr
William Behrle
Linda Belanger
Charles and Gerri Bencove
John Beninati
Mary Berdinka
Fred Berg
Pasqualina Berkowitz
Nicholas Bernhardt
Joyce Bieler
Patrick Biglin
Antionette Biscardi
George Bloem
Margery Bloomfield Gari
Frank Boccio
R.E. Boergesson
Horst Boettcher
Barbara Bokina
Harold Bolling
Catherine Bolobanic
Lori Boniciolli
Thelma Booker
Karen A. and Robert A. Boswell
Beatrice Bouchard
John Bourquin
William Boyles
Victor Bozuhoski
Anthony Bracco
Robert Brand
Robert Brody
Allie Brooks
Danard Brown
Mary L. and Ralph Brown
Joseph Broyles
Alba Brunner
Toni Bryan
Theresa Bryer
Joseph Buccellato
Brice Bucholz
Catherine Bugdin
Kathleen Burgio
Mario Burriesci
Pastor Charles and Carol Byer
Raymond Cadmus
Joan Caffrey
Manlio Cafiero
Michael Cain
Mary Calise
Diane Calitri
Arlene Callahan
Patricia Callan
Lauri Campbell
Martha Canamare
John Capon
Marie Caraher
Phil and Sheryl Carey
Tracey Carragher
Joseph Carrano
Peter Casale
John Cascione
Joseph Castellano
Annalee Cataldo-Barile
Deanna Cavallo
Noelle Ceberek
Gaetano Cerracchio
Jennifer Cesarino
Ina Charkow
Pamela Cheek
John Chirichella
Roberta Chiusano
Leslie Chornoma
Chet Chorzempa
Kathryn Christoforatos
Glenn Clarke
RoseAnn Cleary
Rudolph Clemente
Joan Cobey
Craig Coffey
Peter Cokkinos
Susan B. and Joseph M. Cole
Ann Marie Coleman
Gina and Michael Collazo
Geoffrey Coman
Marc Comerchero
Patricia Condon
Ronald Condron
Douglas Conklin
Janet Connolly
Gerret Conover
Joseph Conway
Sharon and James Conway
Cynthia and Robert G. Cormier
Lewis Corwin
Anthony Costanzo
Jean Marie Costello
Anita Costi
Francis Creighton
James Creighton
Edward Cuccia
Virginia D'Addario
Zarra D'Amico
Angelo D'Angelo
Irene Damato
Diane Daniels
Walter Danowski
JoAnne and Malcolm Davis
Patricia Davis
Linda Davis
Arthur Davis
Maryann Deane
Mary Ann and Leon G. Debremont
Marsha Deckman
Stephanie Defazio
Mary DeFilippo
James Degen
Maryalice Delvallez
Eileen Demchak
Rosemary Dennis
Edward Densieski
Albert Denunzio
Dorothy Desbonnet
Kathleen Devenney
Angela M. Devito
Ruth Di Raffaele
Ray Diem
John Dietzel
Director Door Industries
Joan Dochtermann
Carolyn Doherty
Raymond Domaleski
Dorothy H. Donneson
Isidore Doroski
Lawrence Doscinski
Allison Doscinski
Carolee Doucett
Marguerite Dougherty
Edward Douglas
Henry Dow
Joan Dowdle
Susan Downs White
Marian Drozd-Denyse
Daniel Dubinsky
James Dubrowsky
Kimberly Duffy
Rev. Lawrence Duncklee
Thomas Durham
Ronald Dutcher
Patricia and Richard Duva
Joann Duval
Sharon Dyer
Richard Eckert
MaryAnn Eddy
Dorothy Eisenberg
Helen J. Elak
Helen Elak
Marilyn Elak
Leonard Emma
Jennifer Emmanuel
Jo Ann Engelhardt
Melvin Evans
Rosemary Evans
Joan M. Fabian
Robert Fabula
Mr. and Ms. James Faivre
Sondra Faivre
Mburu Family
Joanne Farran
John Farre
Joseph Favuzzi
Andrea Fedele
Lucille Federico
Samuel Felberbaum
Amy Ferrara
Kathryn Fibkins
Annette Fico
Richard Findley
Patricia and Walter Finger
Florence Finkelstein
Kevin Finnegan
Robert Finora
Harry Fiumaro
Mary Ann Foerth
Robert Fogelson
Anthony Fontana
Deborah P. Foster
Kimberly Foster
Renate Frank
James Frankman
Gerard Furst
Alexander Fusaro
Estelle Futoma
Catherine Gabriel
Joseph Gadzinski
Bernard Galizio
Joan Gallelli
Edward Galvin
Karen Gappa
Nicole and Darrien Garay
Richmond Gardner
Dr. Caroline Gatewood
Caroline Gatewood
Vincent Gatt
Aleeya Gatto
Philip Gatz
Stephen Gecewicz
Richard Gendron
Claritza Geremia
Paul Gertz
Donald Getz
Joan Giammalvo
Nicholas Giannone
Joseph Giaquinto
Judy Giedra
Diane Gilbert
Karen Gillette
Concetta Giordano
Judy Giove
Roberta Goldenberg
Miroslaw Gorczyca
Danuta Gorska
Roland J. Gorton
Carolyn and Steven Goss
Arthur Gould
Marianna Grabowski
Victor Greco
Greenwood Village Women’s Club
Robert Greeves
Geraldine Greller
John Gross
Sally Grzywinski
Gloria Guelleme
Linda Guessferd
John Guthy
Denise Hansen
Stacy Harpold
Catherine Haug
Robert Hayes
Marcia and Robert Hefter
Jean Heimroth
Charles Hess
Shirley Hill
Gerald Hirsch
Mark Hobson
Robert Hoffman
Robert Hollis
William Holzmacher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hopkins
Jeffrey Hopkins
Wayne Hopkins
Thomas Horan
Dorothy J. Horton
Nancy Horton
Alan and Susan Hubbard
W. Hudson
Jeannie and George Husing
Nancy Ianniello
Edward Ieda
Islandia Pools, Ltd.
Islandia Pools, Ltd.
Martin Ivory
Cornelius Jackson
Thomas Jacobsen
Nicholas Jacovino
Richard Janos
Frank Jasinski
Charlotte Jersey
Winfield Jessup
Jane Joerchel
Bruce Johnson
Rachel Johnson
William Johnston
Joan C. Johnston
Peter Johnstone
Allan Jones
Debbie Jones
Jennifer Jones
Mary Kalich
Robin Karp
Irene Karzenski
Veronica Kassebaum
Kim Kaucky
Martha T. Kelley
Jeanne Kelly
Denise and Richard Kern
Lisa Kersich
Paul Kerz
Party Kidz
Joan Kielkoeski
David King
Matthew Kirk
Frances Klein
George Klein
Mary Anne Klipp
John Kloppenburg
Frank Klos
Edward and Laura Knoedler
Virginia Koch
Dawn Kohler
Donna Kohler, RN
Charles Kolligian
Charles Kolligian
Susan Kosinski
Joan Koudakis
Roland P. Kravats
Walter Krupski
Robert Krzyda
Maureen Kucmeroski
Donna Kuhl
Donald Kulesa
Christine Kuzmech
Mary Lacava
Gail Laforce
Andrew Lagrega
Butch Langhorn
Charles Lapinski
Mary Larsen
Robert Latour
Mary Ann Lavoie
Anna and Donald Law
Brandow Law
Randi and Duc Le
Kenneth Lebohner
Craig Lehmann
Joseph Lemerise
Anthony Leness
Lenz Winery
Walter Lettau
Boris Levintov
Michael S. Levison
Forrest S. Lewandowski
Duane Lewin
Susan Lewis
Adrienne Lichten
William Lieblein
Myra Liguori
Salvatore Limoli
Georgene Lingen
Beverly Livernoche
Nancy Lofaro
Kenneth Lokkeberg
Patricia Lombardo
Richard Longwell
Joan Lovett
Robert Lowell
Anna and Ralph Luce
Regina Ludwig
John Luisi
Virginia Cromwell and Elgie Lutes
Myrna H. Lyons
Scott Macdonald
John MacKinnon
Donald Macneil
Linnea Maglione
Katherine Majowka
Emily Majowka
Kathleen Maloney
Mildred Maloney
The Marascia Family
Diane Marlin
Elizabeth Marotta
Sharon Marschean
Francis Marsh
Edward Martell
Donald P. Marto
Robert Martocci
Tanya Mastaglio
Eleanor Mathson
Al Matisik
Frederick Matros
Carol Matthews
Nicholas Mattia
Joseph Maxwell
Sarah Mayo
Dorothy Mazzaferro
Philip Mazzola
Janet Mazzola
John McAninley
Donald McCallion
Christopher Mccarthy
Betty McCoy
Jean C. McCoy
Harriet McDonald
Robert McFarland
John McGarry
Eileen McGarry
Meredith McKinney
Paul McLaughlin
Thomas and Nancy McSwane
Peter Meeker
Richard Meier
Thomas Melodia
Lari Jean Mercer
Patricia Merendino
Myra Merlo
Louis Merola
Louis Messina
Melissa Messina
James Messina
Melanie Michael
Mid Island Air Service
Arthur Middleton, M.D.
Darlene Mildner
Linda Miller
Susan Miller
Caecilia Mills
Herbert Millward
Judith E. and Charles Miranda
Arthur Misischia
Modern Snack Bar
Judith Mogul
Elizabeth Moloney
Leonard Montalbano
Vincent Monteforte
Donald Moog
Ronald Morizzo
Erin Moroney
Michael Morris
Phyllis Morris
Frank Morrison
Walt Mossberg
Virginia Motto
Anthony Mugno
Mary Mulcahy
Lonaway Muldrow
Joan Mullen
Arthur Muller
Jeffrey Mumford
Michelle Munro
Margaret Caine Murphy
David Myers
Jacqueline Myron
Theresa Mysak
Thomas Nadine
Jennifer Naples
Darlene Napolitano
Maria G. and Richard A. Natole
Elizabeth Nehls
Linda Nemeth
Lauren Nesler
Lucy Neubauer
Patricia Newman-Vallachi
Dorothy Nicoll
Clemens Nigg
Rachel Niles
Tracy Nolan
Alvin Nowicki
Eleanor Diana and Peter M. Nowinski
Jonathan Nurbin
Thomas O'Brien
Janet O'Brien
Maureen O'Connor and Stephen Joseph
Nicky and Mike O'Donnell, Sr.
Christine O'Donoghue-Kitt
Judy A. and Michael Ogiejko
Rachel Ogiejko
William Olsen
Ellen Olsen
Frank Onorato
Marion Orlando
Ray Ormand
Robert Ormand
Michael Orsino
George Ortenzi
Cesar Ortiona
Heather Ortiz
Karen and Robert Pace
Karen and Salvatore J. Palacino
Tracy Palazzotto
Anthony Palermo
Sharon Palma
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pampinella
Mary Ellen Pantaleo
Giovanna Papasikos
Concetta Parise
Theresa Park
Kelsey Parker
Virginia Parkin
Anthony Pascale
Dan and Rosemary Pearce
Ellen Pearlman
Michael Pepe
Robert Perlow
Patrick Perrella
Patricia Peter
Lori Peterson
Barbara Pettus
Beth Pike
Carol Pirozzi
Joseph and Kimberly Pizzuto
Lynn Pleasants
Clifford Polacek
Nicholas Poulis
Donna Povall
Charles Prato
Claire Preston
Lee Preston
Paul Prochillo
Cheryl M. and John J. Pufahl Pufahl
Helen Puric
Elizabeth Purschke
Paul Pysarenko
Anne Quaranta
Kathleen Radice
Marguerite Raedeke
Joanne K. and Edward P. Raffel
George Rakowsky
Dominic Ranieri
Gertrude Rank
Royal Ray
Aida Razinsky
Victoria Reith
Debra Remini
James Renner
Florence Resseque
Sandra Richards
Samantha Rios
Thomas Ritondo
Riverhead Flower Shop
George Roberts
Kathleen and Manfred Rocke
Mary Rogers
Margaret Rogers
Bradford Rohr
Katherine Romano
Irrma Rosenberg
Katie Rosman
Barbara Ross
Roland Roux
Ian T. Rowan
Nancy Rubino
Patricia Ruis
Patricia Ruiz
Regina Ruoppoli
Carol Russell
John Ryan
Karen Ryan
Joseph Saberito
Arthur Sanders
Albina Sawicki
Christine Scaffidi
John Scannell
Bernardo Scaparro
Patricia L. and Vernon M. Scates
Lea Schaefer
Donna Schaeffer
Deborah Scheurich
Philip Schmitt
Christine Schmitt
Paul Schropfer
Dennis Schuchman
Audrey Schuller
MaryBeth Schulz
Peter Schwartz
Christianne and Michael Schwenk
Vincent Scotti
Antonio Scotto Dicarlo
Barry Seaman
John Segreto
Muriel Seim
David Seise
Dorothy Sekulski
Linda Seubert
Michael Shay
Jane Sheehan
Jack Shlachter
Jacqueline Siben Manning
William Sickles
Linda Siganoc
Linda F. Siganoc
Theresa E. Sinopoli
Craig Sirot
Mildred Slater
Margaret Smith
Donald W. Smith
Wayne Smith
William Smith
Riane Smith
Pat and Joseph Snyder
Marilyn Sobel
Mark Solo
Peter Solowsky
Patricia Sondgeroth
Byrne-Marybeth Spano
Marybeth Spano
Marybeth Spano
Alfred Sparrow
Edward Sperry, IV
Phillip Spinella
Annamarie Spira
Charles Spitzner
John Spizzirri
Lisa Springer
Denise Squillante
Jack and Patricia Stack
Austin Stack
Meredith Stahl
Christine Stakey
Anthony Stapon
Agnes Stark
Melanie Staudinger
Heather Sterling, RN
Antoinette Sternberger
Walter Stewart
Joan Stewart
Diane Stocki
Frank Stocks
Sarah Stout
Josephine Strauss
Stroller Strong Mamas
Jane and Stanley Stromski
Suffolk Federal Credit Union
Michelle Suydam
Robert Svoboda
Jon Sweezey
Anastasia Swiatkowski
Linda Swiatocha
Anne and Frank J. Swiatocha
Roman Swiderski
Carol and John Talmage
Robert Taylor
Rita Taylor
Julius Tepper
Joseph Terebetski
Katherine Thome
Diane Hitchings Tiernan and John Tiernan
Eugene Timmes
Annmarie Tognella
John Torio
David Tracy
Ingrid Trommer
Kelly Turrill
Willard Tuthill
Raymond Tuthill
Carol Underwood
Eleanor A. Usis
Val's Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
Anna Valenti
Kathleen Van Epps
Ann Van Hove
Robert Van Scoy
Denise L. Variello
Krista Venegas
Linda Vetranozamojcin
Village of Quogue
Elaine Villano
Salvatore Virgadaula
Marilyn Voss
Evelyn Voulgarelis
Gail Wachter
Joan Waggoner
Joanne Walker
Francine and Richard Walker
Susan Wallach
Vincent Ward
Susanna Ward Saltini
Sharon Washick
Ann Webb
Judith Webster
Barbara Jean and Ray A. Weeks
Kathleen and John Wehrs
Martin Weiss
Catherine V. and William Welsh
Westhampton True Value Hardware
Cindy Whitman
Amanda Wildman
Sarah Wildman
Susan Wilken
James Williamson
John T. and Dolores D. Willoe
John Wittmeier
Mary Wlodarczyk
Mena Wong
Stuart Wood
Lindsay Yarmeisch
Mary and Anthony Yarusso
Young Family
James Zaleski
Joan Zaluski
Joan Zaniskey
Ronald Zanni
Juneann Zarzecki
Frank Zieman
Joseph Zuhoski
Benjamin Zukosky
Donors of Goods
and Services
Allstate Elizabeth Hanlon Agency
Glen Arcuri
David Arteaga
Axis Construction
Elizabeth and Michael Birdanka
Bob's Electric
John Bokina
Carol Wilson Fine Arts Inc.
Jessica Chernin
Brian Chiaino
Meredith and Bertram Cohen
Alyssa Cottone
Daniel Daly
Ryan Dempsey
East End Arts
East End Group
East End Hospice
East Moriches Hardware
East Moriches School District
Samantha Eddy
Greenport Brewing Company
Hampton Interiors
Andrea Hanulec
Tabbethia Haubold
Home Depot
Ryan Houston
Ivy Acres, Peggy Van de Wetering
Eric Keil
Kathleen Kocan
Richard Korth
Michael Manick
Maureen's Haven
Christina McCoy
Dan Mele
Lawrence Muenz
Kelly Papielask
Dr. Rajesh Patel
Trent Preszler
Red Dog Home Services
Dr. John Romano
Dr. Charles Russo
DJ Phil Schmidt
Claudia Steinmuller
Suffolk Theater
Tanger Outlets Riverhead
Skip Weaver
Woodside Veterinarians
Kathleen Zwolinski
Donors of Food
and Meals
Marty Accardi
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Cindy Alzate
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Joanne Amy
Mark and Dawn Anasky
Kathlee Andersen
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Karen and Chris Andrews
Angela's House
Stephanie and Joe Angelone
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Cpt. Frenie Antoine
Margaret Arce
Toni Arno
Michel Augustin
Baiting Hollow Club
Baked By Em
Gleda Baldini
Bambino Pizza
Barrow Food House
Cindy Bastien
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Alissa Behr
Martha and Sarah Belesis
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BJ’s Meredith and Bert Cohen
Erin Blondes
Maggie Bloomfield
Michele Bodanza
Ashlee Boland
Linda and Joe Borenstein
Andrea Borra
Matt Boudreau
Barry and Renee Brandeis
Maureen and Kurt Brasor
Erik Breitwieser
Christopher Brodarick
James Bugdin
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Elizabeth Campanale
Eileen Cannon
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Julianne Capetola
Philip Carey
Carlos Pizza
Carol's Kitchen
Thomas Carson
The Carter Family
Marie and Richard Case
Marie Case
Debbie Cavanaugh Schultz
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Diane Cheslock
Childers Bakery
Diana Chuisano
Regina Cialone
Stephen Cleary
Cliff's Elbow Room Inc.
Carrie Coakley
Coldwell Bank
BarbaraAnn Comoroda
Cooperage Inn
Andres Coronado
Jennifer Cressy
Brittany Crosser
Natalie and Arthur Crowe
Patricia Cruso
Cucina 25
Patty Curry
Maureen Brady Curzio and James Curzio
Jean D'alessandro
Laura Day
Julie Deck
Edgar and Jasmin Diaz-Leal
Jerry Dicecco
Christina Diehl
Richard Dietrich
Dina DiFolco
Dawn Dioguardo
Barbra and Kevin Donoghue
Michelle Doroski
Marissa Drago
Kelly Drechsler
Joseph Drozd
Duffys Deli
Robert and Sharon Dunigan
Susan Edwards
Zach Epley
Christina Falcetta
Farm Country Kitchen
GalaFresh Farms
Stuart Feiner
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Rebecca Filar
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Carlos Flores
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Foxwood Village Homeowners Association
Barbara Frankel
Nancy Frankman
Kerri Frend
Friendship Baptist Church
Janis Fritsch
Paul Furbeck
Joseph Galchin
Andre Gardini
Patti-Lynn Garrett
Lina Garzon
Cathy Geiger-Ortega
Michelle Gelfi
George Gerle
Erica Gerrity
Judith Giordano
Girls Scouts of Suffolk County
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“Please accept our deepest, most heartfelt gratitude for the amazing care your team gave our dear friend, Joshua Wortman, during his fight with this virus. There is no way we can thank you enough for literally saving Josh's life. We are forever grateful.” – Rachel Niles

“A humble thank you. We are in awe of all of you. Praying for your strength and for your protection.” – The Mendelsons

“Thanks to all of you and prayers that you stay safe and well cared for." – Meredith McKinney

“There are no words big enough to say thank you loud enough. We love you!!! Xoxoxoxoxoox” – Judith Mogul

“Our prayers are with you each day. We thank you so much for everything you are doing. God Bless all of you." – Bradford Rohr

"In the midst of these unparalleled challenges, you continue to excel for our patients and our community. Thank you for being true heroes!" - Andrew J. Mitchell

“For our Health Care Heroes, who are the best around. I am so proud to be a part of this with you." – Amy Loeb

God bless & keep you all healthy & safe.... Thank you for your excellent, courageous, continual, loyal service." – Johnny & Connie Giordano

“Thinking of all your wonderful staff who took such good care of me last September and keeping them in my heart." – Victoria Reith